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Imaging _ Configuration

Imaging & Configuration

Every day, HPI delivers high volume imaging and configuration services for industry leading  Organizations in the public  Sector, Education, aerospace, defense, energy. healthcare, manufacturing, and retail sectors.

From its multiple locations, HPI images and configures nearly 200,000 devices annually for its customers, often supporting highly sensitive and confidential projects.

Autopilot & Deployment

Do more with less – less resources, less complexity, less associated risk. Improve IT efficiency and reduce costs with remote Surface device deployment and management.

Microsoft software in the environments your apps are deployed. Businesses that choose Surface and Microsoft 365 E5 see real impact.

Autopilot _ Deployment
Asset Tagging

Asset Tagging

Keeping your technology assets organized and accounted for isn’t always easy- That’s why you should rely on HPI’s asset tagging service to ensure that you stay on top of all your high-value technology devices.

Chrome Console Enrollment

Google license an on-line Management Console for Chromebooks as an add-on to the Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education management console

Chrome Console Enrollment
Just-in-time Delivery

Just-in-time Delivery

HPI’s just in time delivery program minimizes cost and maximizes productivity. With our Just-in-time delivery program we closely coordinate with you , and deploy our just-in-time logistics techniques to ensure that the right products are delivered to the right place at the right time.


HPI offers financing options to help businesses keep up with emerging IT trends like virtualization and hyperconvergence. With their equipment leasing program, companies can acquire the latest hardware and software without a large-scale upgrade budget. They offer flexible leasing terms for various IT products, from computers to servers, allowing businesses to remain adaptable as their technology needs change over time.

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